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For S&C Coaches, Sports Scientists, Physiotherapists and Nutritionists
Improve Your Athletes' Performance, Optimise Their Recovery And Decrease Injuries Without Sacrificing Hours Of Your Time
Learn From The Greatest Coaching Minds On The Planet With An Online Library Of 70+ Sports Science Mini-Courses 
  • A library of 70+ sports science mini-courses so you can advance your coaching knowledge
  • Access to a private mastermind of coaches so you can build your network and get 24/7 support
  • Cheatsheets, tools & templates so you can immediately implement what you've learned
  • ​Cancel anytime
  • ​100% money-back guarantee
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
What is it?
The Coach Academy is a library of sports science mini-courses designed to teach S&C coaches, sports scientists and physio's the practical knowledge required to enhance athletic performance, accelerate recovery and reduce injuries. 
Who is it for?
S&C coaches, sports scientists and physio's who need to enhance their athletes' performance, reduce their injuries and optimise their recovery.
How does it work?
You watch bite-sized, step-by-step mini-courses and use the tools & templates provided to implement the latest and best coaching practices to enhance your athletes' performance, decrease injuries and optimise their recovery.
"I needed an easier way of keeping up-to-date with current sports science knowledge - that's when I found The Coach Academy. My knowledge of speed, acceleration and Agility has improved and I've applied this using drills with my client; we've seen a great improvement in his speed."

Mark Morrison, Exercise Physiologist, Houston

Why Join The Coach Academy?

You'll Learn Quicker & More Effectively, Freeing Up Time To Spend With Friends And Family
You'll Optimise Your Athletes' Recovery
You'll Position Yourself As An Expert To Your Athletes And Naturally Improve Buy-In
You'll Reduce Your Athletes' Injury Rates
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
You'll Save 100's Of Dollars A Year That Would Otherwise Be Spent On Books, Courses And More
You'll Improve Your Athletes' Performance
You'll Advance Forward In Your Career, Allowing You To Earn More Money And Work With Elite-Level Athletes
You'll Save Yourself The Stress & Worry Of Constantly Trying To Stay Up-To-Date With Sports Science Research
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
Here's what you'll get when you join 👇
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.

Instant access to all 70+ mini-courses + more

🍛 Post-Exercise Nutrition
🤹 Concurrent Training
⛹️ Lower Limb Tendinopathy Rehab
💪 Strength Programming
🚨 Velocity Based Training
💻 Creating An Athlete Monitoring System
🤝 Building Buy-In
💪 Shoulder Injury Rehab
🧠 Concussion Rehab
🏎️ Speed Development
🗣️ Cueing & Coaching Methods
🏃‍♂️ Maximal Aerobic Speed 
🩸 Blood Flow Restriction Training
🚦 Reactive Strength Index
📏 Peak Height Velocity
🔋 Active Recovery
🧙 Mentorships
🤾 Plyometrics
📊 Acute: Chronic Workload Ratio
🧩 High-Intensity Interval Training
🧒 Long-Term Athletic Development
🚀 Rate of Force Development 
👨‍⚕️ ACL Rehab
💨 Aerobic Conditioning
💰 Fitness Testing with Zero Budget
🔥 Warm-Ups
💥 Post-Activation Potentiation
👨‍💻 Performance Assessments
📈 Omegawave
🏥 Hamstring Rehab
⚡ Agility
🥨 Carbohydrates For Team Sports
😴 Sleep
🦵Anterior Knee Pain
🏃 Athletic Development Framework
☕ Caffeine 
⛓ Flywheel Training
🤝 Networking
💵 Financial Management
➕ PLUS one new mini-course every single week

About the mini-courses 🖥️

Here's what you get

Delivered by a World-Class Coaches

  • Only the best: We select world-class coaches in their area of expertise to present the mini-courses
  • Advanced practices: You get to learn the most advanced & effective practices in the world
  • ​Inside access: See exactly what the experts are doing & how - not just the theory

Easy-to-digest, 1-hour mini-courses

  • 1-hour long: We know coaches are extremely busy. That's why we designed the mini-courses to be just 1-hour long of concise, no nonsense, practical information.
  • ​20-minute lessons: Each mini-course is delivered in 20-minute or less video lessons. This ensures you can squeeze your vital ongoing education into your busy work-life schedule.
  • A-Z learning: Each mini-course teaches you everything you need to know about that topic, and more importantly, exactly how to implement what you've learned immediately. 

Certificates of Completion

  • Prove your learning: Prove your ongoing education to your boss and continuing education provider.
  • Keep a record: Allows you to easily keep a record of all your learning.
  • Mark as complete: All lessons and mini-course can be marked as complete, meaning you can quickly see where you left off.
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
"I was struggling to find a good source of knowledge and a reliable online Strength & Conditioning resource. The Coach Academy solved that for me."

Mike Bentley, Lead S&C Coach, Royal Belfast Academical Institution
Who Is This Already Working For?
Click the video below to hear our coaches stories 👇
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
Here's what the mini-courses look like 👇🎥
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.

You'll also get this 👇

An app to learn anywhere, anytime

  • Apple & Android: Just download from your app store.
  • 24/7 access: All your course, products and extras all in one easy-to-access place.
  • Search: Use the search feature to find exactly what you'd like to learn about.

Access to a private mastermind of coaches

  • Learn: Speak and learn directly with the Science for Sport team and all the other 1,500+ coaches.
  • Networking: Connect with elite coaches from a variety of sports and countries, meaning you can open the doors to a wealth of career opportunities.
  • 24/7 support: Got a problem with an athlete, writing a training programme or trying to decide which sports technology to purchase? Simply ask a question and experts from around the world will be able provide personalised feedback, answer your questions and guide you with what could be improved almost immediately.
  • Mentorships: If you're looking to find a coaching mentor to help your accelerate your career and get better results for your athletes, then there's dozens inside the Coaches Club.
Peak Height Velocity Tool 👇

Cheatsheets, tools & templates

  • Instant application: Mini-courses not only teach you the important information, but they also come with the all-important tools you require in order to implement what you've learned instantly.
  • What the experts are using: You can inside access and guidance on how to use the tools that're being used by the best coaches in the world.
  • Hassle-free: No more wasting time building athlete monitoring tools that don't work and keep breaking every time you make subtle changes.
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
You also get all of these Bonuses 🎁
Bonus #1
Buy-in Bible
$47 FREE
You can write the best training programmes in the world, but if athletes don't "buy into them", then you're wasting your time.
  • The 9 Key Buy-in Mistakes (And How to Stop Making Them) by Brett Bartholomew
  • ​The 5-Step Buy-In Cheatsheet
  • ​Periodization for People by Brett Bartholomew
“Without buy-in, you’re not going to maximize the effort, engagement, or outcomes with your athletes.”

Brett Bartholomew

Combined, these bonuses will supercharge your communication skills and help you build genuine and lifelong relationships with athletes and other coaches.
Bonus #2
The Career Bundle
$97 FREE
A unique bundle of vital information and tools designed to help you achieve your career goals and accelerate your progress to get you there as quickly as possible.
  • Time Management Mastery - 5 vital strategies for controlling your workload
  • Money Management Mastery - 5 additional income opportunities for coaches you can start today, and a 4-step method managing your money (and watching it grow month after month). 
  • The S&C Networking Guide - A variety of proven tactics to help you build an unbreakable network. Plus, your own 'networking planner' to ensure that you're networking as effectively as possible.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Landing Your Dream S&C Job - 15 tips from the Head S&C Coach of the Romanian Rugby Union on the actions you need to take today to land your dream position.
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
Bonus #3
A Library of Coaching Tools
$97 FREE
We boast a growing library of coaching tools to help you and your athletes accelerate your performance and success.
  • Spreadsheets for tracking athletes’ injury history, strength & speed progress, and interval training, such as our Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio spreadsheet.
  • In-depth articles, research reviews, and studies you won’t find inside the Performance Digest. 
  • Deep insights & lessons learned from real coaches and their experiences in particular sports. 
  • Training guides from renowned institutions you would have to pay to see (but you get for free from our members). 
Bonus #4
A Library of Audio Reviews
$297 FREE
You'll receive instant access to a library of over 25+ research reviews that you can listen to any time, any place. Topics include:
  • Caffeine
  • Cold-water immersion
  • Speed & Conditioning testing
  • Warm-ups
  • ​ACL Injuries
  • ​Internships & Careers in S&C
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
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The best part is…

If you feel like there’s a slight chance the Coach Academy and the added bonuses can help you make any progress toward improving your athletes' and accelerating your career then you should try it today.
You get our...
Zero-Risk, 30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
"Before The Coach Academy, I felt helpless. I was searching around for solutions that would allow me to integrate sports science knowledge with my athletes and patients. Now, I can confidently take patients from injury to baseline and from baseline to improved performance."

Jonas Lemmens, Physiotherapist & Active Sports Trainer, Belgium

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  • Access to 70+ mini-courses inside The Coach Academy: Value - $453 FREE
  • App for iOS & Android
  • Certificates awarded for every single mini-course
  • Full access to Career Mastery Value - $247 FREE
  • Entry into the exclusive Coaches Club: Value - $197 FREE
  • The Buy-in Bible Value: Value - $47 FREE
  • The Career Bundle: Value - $97 FREE
  • Library of coaching tools: Value - $97 FREE
  • Library of audio reviews: Value - $297 FREE
  • Customer support from real humans
  • No contracts. Cancel anytime

Join 100's Of Coaches Who Are Earning Their Mini-Course Certificates Every Day...

Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.


If you SNOOZE, you LOSE! ⏰

One new mini-course is added every week.

This is a rolling access subscription and not a content purchase. 
Think of it like "Netflix for Coach Education", rather than a DVD purchase.

Because we're continuously adding more mini-courses, and thus more value, into the Coach Academy every single week, we may remove the FREE 7-day trial at any point in time because the amount of value provided simply wouldn't make sense to give away for free.

In addition to this, to match the increase in content and value provided, the cost of a subscription will also increase multiple times per year.  However, when you join, you lock in your subscription price for life. After the price has risen, it will never be available again for such a low price.

Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I unsubscribe at any time? 

Yes, you can. If you wish to cancel then that's no problem at all, there are no contracts and you have complete control.
Will the price ever rise?
Yes, it will. 

As our community grows and we add even more value to the Coach Academy, the prices will rise to reflect the value you get.

However, if you subscribe today, you’ll “lock in” the price you paid for life.

If you subscribe monthly, you’ll enrol in a free 7-day trial and then pay $30 per month after that. But, if you subscribe today and someday in the future we raise our monthly price to $33 per month, you’ll still only ever pay $30 per month as long as you remain an active subscriber.

If you subscribe yearly, you’ll enrol in a free 7-day trial and then pay $250 per year after that. But, if you subscribe today and someday in the future we raise our yearly price to $275 per year, you’ll still only ever pay $250 per year as long as you remain an active subscriber.
Who is the Coach Academy for?

Strength & Conditioning Coaches
Sports Scientists
Personal Trainers
When will I be billed?

You will be billed each month (monthly subscription) or each year (yearly subscription) on the date upon which you subscribed. So, if you subscribe for a monthly subscription on the 10th day of the month, you'll be billed on the 10th day of the month thereafter.
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
If you're ready to evolve your coaching and enhance your athlete's performance
Then join 1000+ coaches in the Coach Academy
  • A library of 70+ sports science mini-courses so you can advanced your coaching knowledge.
  • Access to a private mastermind of coaches so you can build your network and get 24/7 support.
  • ​​Cheatsheets, tools & templates so you can immediately implement what you've learned.
  • ​Cancel anytime
  • ​100% money-back guarantee
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
Meet the Man Behind Science for Sport and the Coach Academy

Owen Walker

Hi there,

My name is Owen and I’m the Founder & Director of Science for Sport.

I was formerly the Head of Academy Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning at Cardiff City Football Club, and an interim Sports Scientist for the Welsh FA.

During my internship at Cardiff City F.C. with the U21s and 1st team, the position for “Head of Academy Sports Science” opened up and I knew this was the opportunity I had to seize.

After a grueling interview process… I got the job.

But just one week in I was hit with a problem coaches and trainers have to deal with constantly...

'Knowing the answer to a tough (and expensive) question'

My manager, the Head of Academy Sports Science & Medicine asked if we should spend $80k USD on GPS units for the academy. The pressure mounted when he told me he had to make a decision fast due to limited stock.
I didn’t know the answer.

Were they reliable? 
Worth the cost?

I had used some versions of this GPS technology in the past, but my experiences with the technology certainly didn’t live up to the claims the manufacturer was making.

I was now in a position of authority (that I had wanted most of my life) and had to make a decision… But I didn’t have the knowledge to make one that was informed and backed up by reliable data.

So, I did the only thing I could:

I promised I would do intense research and return with a fact-based answer the following morning.
That promise wasn’t easy to fulfill.

I searched everywhere I could to find a concise summary of GPS technology to make sense of it all - accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, GPS modules, algorithms, etc.
I found 5 individual studies.

But they each looked at different brands, models, and algorithms, and none of them even discussed gyroscopes or magnetometers. My research only turned up contradictions between these 5 studies.

So, I went back to my manager and told him the truth:

“Very little information exists on this technology and my experience with them suggests they’re not worth the investment. I don’t think we should buy them.”

So we didn’t.

And this entire experience lead to an epiphany that eventually led to the creation of Science for Sport and the Coach Academy...

Coaches and trainers need a trustworthy and easy-to-understand resource that cuts through the jargon, bias, and contradictions for key topics and only delivers the essential information you need to make smart decisions, along with practical takeaways so that you can implement this information from day one.

A resource I wish I had when my manager first asked me that question about GPS units.

That’s when I decided to create this resource myself to avoid being an under-informed coach when I’m supposed to be the one with all the answers.

I began with building the Science for Sport website.

My mission?

To make Science for Sport the definitive resource for evidence-based sports science.

But I ran into another problem… Once you dig deep enough to find it, there is an incredible amount of information out there for key topics that coaches need to know about, amounting to pages and pages worth of content. How on earth could I make sure that coaches around the globe were delivered with the essential 'must-know' points, without wasting hours of their time?

It was this question that led me to create the Coach Academy.

An online library of bite-sized S&C video courses carefully curated by professionally certified sports scientists and strength and conditioning coaches.

Designed to be quickly consumed (without sacrificing any of the important information) and immediately actionable - so you can update, modify, and improve your current athlete training programs the minute you get your subscription. We knew we needed to cover the 7 key areas of coach development:

1) Career development
2) Performance
3) Recovery
4) Nutrition
5) Testing & Monitoring
6) Injury Prevention & Rehab
7) Health & Mindset

The Coach Academy delivers you with a selection of valuable mini-courses that would otherwise cost you and arm and a leg. Instead, you get everything for just $30 a month.

Join us on our mission to apply key sports science knowledge to win more games, build better athletes, and grow a rewarding career.
Used by 1000+ coaches worldwide.
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