For S&C Coaches, Sports Scientists and Personal Trainers
How to Build a Successful and Long-lasting Career in Strength & Conditioning
Without spending years on a poor salary and bouncing between jobs
  • Build your career road-map so you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible
  • ​Cultivate your personal brand so you're offered more and better opportunities
  • Master your finances so you're no longer living paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Learn how to scale your network authentically so you're never out of work again
Used by coaches worldwide.
What is it?
Career Mastery is an online course designed to teach S&C coaches, sports scientists and personal trainers the vital elements needed to build a successful and long-lasting career in the strength and conditioning industry. 
Who is it for?
S&C coaches, sports scientists and personal trainers who want to build a successful and long-lasting career in strength and conditioning. The information within this course is suitable for students, novice coaches and even those who have been coaching for years. 
What will I achieve?
You'll go from being just another frustrated and underpaid coach with no money, no strategy, no network to a coach with a clear career plan, a personal brand, a global network and someone who is fully capable of managing their own personal finances. As a result, you'll feel relaxed knowing that you have a strategic plan and a success timeframe to work from.

Why Join Career Mastery?

By Enrolling Today, You'll...

Accelerate Your Career Progress And Save Years Of Time On The Journey To Your Dream Job
Earn More Money As You Secure Higher-Paying Jobs, And You'll Be Taught How To Build Additional Streams Of Income
No Longer Be Burnt Out From 12+ Hour Days And Instead Will Strike A Healthy Work/Life Balance
Build Recognition For The Work That You Do And Will Feel Valued By Those That You Work For
Be Taught How To Effectively Manage Your Finances And Save Money For Your Long-Term Family/Personal Goals
Form An Unbreakable Network With An Impressive Selection Of Elite Coaches/Mentors That Consistently Recommend You For Jobs
Become a productivity machine that can work effectively and also free up more time for friends/family
Feel At Ease Knowing That You No Longer Have To Worry About Being Out Of Work Again
Here's what you get 👇

Instant access to all these modules + more

📝 Your Strategy
🦸‍♂️ Personal Branding
⚙️ The Productivity Machine
💵 Financial Management
📑 Resumes & Cover Letters
🤝 Networking
👥 Relationship Building
👨‍🎓 Internships
🧙‍♂️ Mentorships
👨‍🏫 Interview Skills
💰 Side Hustles
📄 Assessment & Certificate
➕ PLUS module updates every month

About the course 🖥️

Here's what you get

Easy-to-digest modules & lessons

  • Modules are 1-hour long, maximum: We know coaches are extremely busy. That's why we designed the entire course to be concise, no nonsense, practical information. Each module is no longer than 1-hour.
  • ​20-minute lessons: Each module is delivered in 20-minute or less video lessons. This ensures you can squeeze your vital ongoing education into your busy work-life schedule.
  • A-Z learning: Each module teaches you everything you need to know about that topic, and more importantly, exactly how to implement what you've learned immediately. 
The Money Manager Tool 👇

Cheatsheets, tools & templates

  • Instant application: The modules not only teach you the important information, but they also come with the all-important tools you require in order to implement what you've learned instantly.
  • Hassle-free: No more wasting time building tools for yourself that don't work and keep breaking every time you make subtle changes.
  • ​​Step-by-step: You're shown exactly how to use the tools & templates, meaning quicker and hassle-free implementation.

Certificate of Completion

  • Prove your learning: Prove your ongoing education to your boss and continuing education provider.
  • Keep a record: Allows you to easily keep a record of all your learning.
  • Mark as complete: All lessons and modules can be marked as complete, meaning you can quickly see where you left off.
Here's what the course lessons look like 👇🎥
Who is this working for?
Watch the video below to see who Career Mastery is already working for 👇

You'll also get this 👇

An app to learn anywhere, anytime

  • Apple & Android: Just download from your app store.
  • 24/7 access: All your course, products and extras all in one easy-to-access place.
  • Search: Use the search feature to find exactly what you'd like to learn about.

Access to a private mastermind of coaches

  • Learn: Speak and learn directly with the Science for Sport team and all the other 1,500+ coaches.
  • Networking: Connect with elite coaches from a variety of sports and countries, meaning you can open the doors to a wealth of career opportunities.
  • 24/7 support: Got a problem with an athlete, writing a training programme or trying to decide which sports technology to purchase? Simply ask a question and experts from around the world will be able provide personalised feedback, answer your questions and guide you with what could be improved almost immediately.
  • Mentorships: If you're looking to find a coaching mentor to help your accelerate your career and get better results for your athletes, then there's dozens inside the Coaches Club.
You also get all of these Bonuses 🎁
Bonus #1
Advice From The Experts
$97 FREE
In this 4-part series, you'll be taught hands-on, practical career advice from some of the best in the industry. Covering topics such as relationship building, internships, experience and more, you'll be learning from:
  • Liam Mason, Lead Athletic Performance Coach at Blackburn Rovers Football Club
  • ​James de Lacey, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Romanian Rugby Union
  • ​Sam Bowhay, U23 Athletic Development Coach at Chelsea F.C.
  • ​Kyle Peyper, Academy S&C Coach at Emirates Lions in Johannesburg, South Africa
Bonus #2
The Career Bundle
$97 FREE
A unique bundle of vital information and tools designed to help you achieve your career goals and accelerate your progress to get you there as quickly as possible.
  • Time Management Mastery - 5 vital strategies for controlling your workload
  • Money Management Mastery - 5 additional income opportunities for coaches you can start today, and a 4-step method managing your money (and watching it grow month after month). 
  • The S&C Networking Guide - A variety of proven tactics to help you build an unbreakable network. Plus, your own 'networking planner' to ensure that you're networking as effectively as possible.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Landing Your Dream S&C Job - 15 tips from the Head S&C Coach of the Romanian Rugby Union on the actions you need to take today to land your dream position.
Here's our promise to you...
Our Zero-Risk 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our Career-Accelerator Guarantee

Our only mission here is to help coaches around the world with their careers as best as we possibly can, yourself included

Therefore, if you purchase Career Mastery and for whatever reason feel that you aren't 100% satisfied, then you're back by our "Career-Accelerator Guarantee". This means all you need to do is email us on within 90 days and we will immediately issue you a full refund.

No hassle. No questions asked.
You get...
"Our Career-Accelerator Guarantee"
Zero-Risk, 90-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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Total Value - $638

Today: $247

Do this...

  • ​Step 1: Click the big green button below that says "Enroll in Career Mastery"
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  • Step 3: You'll get instant access to Career Mastery + all the extras valued at $638 for just $247.
 It's as simple as that!
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Prices shown in USD
Zero-Risk, 90-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Instant access to Career Mastery
  • 11 Modules
  • Over 10+ Hours Of Video
  • 48 Easy To Digest Lessons
  • Downloadable Tools & Worksheets
  • App for iOS & Android
  • Entry into the exclusive Coaches Club: Value - $197 FREE
  • 4-Part Series, Advice From The Experts: Value $97 FREE
  • Instant access to The Career Bundle: Value $97 FREE
  • Customer support from real humans
  • Zero-Risk, 30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee


If you SNOOZE, you LOSE! ⏰

We're constantly adding and improving the content within this course.

Because we're continuously making improvements, to match the increase in content and value provided, the cost of Career Mastery will also increase multiple times per year. However, once you enrol at the current price, you get lifetime access to all future improvements, modules and anything and everything we continue to add.

🔔 A reminder of what you get...
You get instant access to all of this 👇

Lifetime access to Career Mastery

  • Build your career road-map so you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible
  • ​Cultivate your personal brand so you're offered more and better opportunities
  • Master your finances so you're no longer living paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Learn how to scale your network authentically so you're never out of work again
  • An App for both iOS & Android so you can learn when and where suits you
  • 90-day, money-back guarantee so you can rest assured that should it not help you, you get a full refund
$197 FREE

Access to the Coaches Club

  • A mastermind of 1,500+ coaches so you can learn and network with experts from all over the world.
  • 24/7 support so you can get immediate and personalised feedback on any coaching- and career-related questions you have. 
  • ​The Mentorship Programme so you can find a coaching mentor to help your accelerate your career and get better results for your athletes.
$97 FREE

Bonus #1: Advice from the experts module

  • Learn from their mistakes and successes so that you can fast-track your way to achieving your career goals.
  • Find out what's required to work in elite sport so you can start preparing yourself for it today.
  • See the exact path they walked so that you know exactly what is possible and how to achieve it.
$97 FREE

Bonus #2: Instant access to the Career Bundle

  • Career-accelerating tools and information so you can propel your career progress and achieve your goals as quickly as possible.
  • Designed by coaches, for coaches so you can instantly put the specific information into practice.
Total value = $638

Today for just $247
Used by coaches worldwide.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much is Career Mastery?
The current full price of Career Mastery is $247 USD. However, this price could increase at any point.
Will the price ever rise?
Yes, it will. 

As we continue to add even more value to Career Mastery, the price will rise to reflect the value provided. However, if you enrol today, you’ll “lock in” the price you paid for life.
Who is Career Mastery for?
Strength & Conditioning Coaches
Sports Scientists
Personal Trainers
+ anyone looking to build a career in Strength & Conditioning
How much content is in the course?
Career Mastery includes:

11 Modules
10+ hours of video
48 life-changing lessons
Ready to Build a Successful and Long-lasting Career in Strength & Conditioning?
Then enrol in Career Mastery today
  • Build your career road-map so you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible
  • ​Cultivate your personal brand so you're offered more and better opportunities
  • Master your finances so you're no longer living paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Learn how to scale your network authentically so you're never out of work again
Used by coaches worldwide.
Meet the Man Behind Science for Sport and Career Mastery

Owen Walker

Hi Coach,

My name is Owen and I’m the Founder & Director of Science for Sport and former Head of Academy Sports Science at Cardiff City F.C. and Interim Sports Scientist for the Welsh FA.

I get it, I've been there.

🤦🏽‍♂️ I've completed multiple unpaid internships.
🤦🏽‍♂️ I've worked several side hustles to bring in cash.
🤦🏽‍♂️ I've been 1 of 500 coaches who're all applying for the same job vacancy, tried to network 24/7, and always struggling with personal finances.

Unlike becoming a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, for example, there's no legitimate career pathway and very few post-graduate vacancies.

Because of that, the thousands of coaches that have recently graduated or looking to make their next career move are, for the most part, just wondering around in the dark hoping that they find the door handle which will lead them to their career goals.

As you can imagine, this is a seriously ineffective way of trying to achieving your career goals.

There are many explanations as to why most coaches feel stuck in their career, but it's typically for 1 of these 4 main reasons

❌ Reason #1 - There's not enough jobs and most are underpaid
❌ Reason #2 - You have no clear plan and don't know how to land one of the well-paid, elite-level jobs
❌ Reason #3 - You don't know how to stand out from the thousands of other qualified and experienced coaches
❌ Reason #4 - You have no financial security and are worried you can start/raise a family and support your lifestyle

If any of them resonate with you, it's time to start thinking about taking some action and Career Mastery helps you with all of those problems.
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